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The Rolex GMT Master Replica ref. The Swiss brand's 2016 Rolex GMT Master Replica novelty is the 116900. We shared our annual predictions with you, those who know us well, but imagine our surprise when this larger Air-King arrived! The Rolex Air-King was Rolex GMT Master Replica discontinued two years ago. It is now back, and it's in a new style, unlike the Rolex Air-King. We get to know the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air King ref. 116900.Rolex GMT Master Replica

In the Tag Heuer Replica Watches 1950's, the original Rolex Air-King was created. It has been a Rolex GMT Master Replica symbol of aviation ever since. Rolex was a key player in aviation's pioneering days. They accompanied the first flight above 10,000m elevation, over Everest. The Oyster Perpetual served as an onboard chronometer for a record-setting return flight Rolex GMT Master Replica between London and Melbourne in a De Haviland Comet a year later. The 40mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air King ref. The revolutionary age of aviation is honored by the number 116900.Excellent legibility and a clean dial are key features. The Rolex Air-King's anti-magnetic properties are made possible by the unique soft iron inner casing around the movement. This feature is only Rolex GMT Master Replica available with the Rolex Milgauss. The Air-King is a true pilot's watch. It's legible, sporty, and resistant to the cockpit environment of a plane (or to modern life with cellphones and magnets ).The case's 40mm diameter is a distinctive feature of the Air-King. It is larger than ever. The Rolex Air-King, a smaller watch with a 34mm case was previously designed to be an entry-level option with a sportier feeling than the Oyster Perpetual. It shares its case with Rolex GMT Master Replica Oyster Perpetual 39 in diameter. We see the same construction, with a smooth bezel and satin-finished flat surfaces, satin-finished bracelet, and polished casebands. This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air King ref. has a solid caseback with a screw-down crown. The 116900 has a 100m water resistant.Rolex GMT Master Replica

Some Rolex Replica might find the dial a little different from the other Rolex GMT Master Replica products. It was clear that Rolex did not just unveil the new Daytona Ceramic Bezel when it opened its Baselworld 2016 windows. The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air King ref. Another talking point was the 116900. Its numerals are inspired by the 1940s military aviation timepieces as well as some Explorer digits. This Rolex GMT Master Replica could seem a bit strange at first glance.The dial features large hour digits as well as minute digits. There is also a minute track at its outer edge. On the Explorer (well, on the 39mm Explorer before 2016, without luminous paint in the indexes), you will find the applied, white-gold polished hour markers at 3/6 / 9. The Rolex GMT Master Replica minute markers' digits are printed in white. These are the link to pilot watches. This creates a mixture of styles from different models within the Rolex range. Although it can be difficult to read the dial in its entirety, this unique combination gives the Air-King its distinct identity. This little article will help you Rolex GMT Master Replica remember the dial. Its resemblance to the dials of these proprietary time instruments was the first thing that struck me when I saw it live at Baselworld. It does look a lot like it, doesn’t it?Rolex GMT Master Replica

The dial's satin black finish includes many interesting and unusual Rolex GMT Master Replica details such as the yellow crown beneath the white gold and the luminous triangle at twelve o'clock. Below it, you will see the green Rolex name in combination with "Oyster Rolex GMT Master Replica Perpetual", which is white. It reads "Air-King", in cursive letters, on the dial's bottom. This font is a tribute to Rolex’ past and also "Superlative Chonometer Officially Certified", which is an indication of Rolex’s testing process. Rolex watches are certified COSC. After that certification, Rolex tests their watches for more Rolex GMT Master Replica precise chronometric rates. The Superlative Chronometer certification was redesigned in 2015. It tests fully assembled watches and allows them to operate within a range Rolex GMT Master Replica between -2/+2 per hour. The dial features a Mercedes-style set hand, another trademark Rolex, and a central, green, lollipop seconds hand.Rolex GMT Master Replica